ZIGGY Donut Cake

ZIGGY Choco Star

Our Story

It’s time to take a ride into space and take a bite of the all new ZIGGY Choco Star. This unique star shaped spongy chocolate cake is first baked to perfection and then covered with delicious creamy milk chocolate all around giving you a Double Chocolate Experience that is truly out of the world! What’s more? The crunchy multi coloured sugar sprinkles on top give it the perfect finishing touch.

ZIGGY Donut Cakes are soft, spongy and moist giving them a melt in mouth texture that you will fall in love with. Moreover, as they are made from two different sponges, you get both flavours of Vanilla and Chocolate in the same very cake. But that’s not all, take a bite and you’ll know why. ZIGGY Donut Cakes are filled with delicious rich chocolate cream that delivers the perfect chocolaty experience and will keep you coming back for more.

Rs 20 per piece | 44 grams | 100% Veg